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SEND SYMPATHY FLOWERS AND PLANTS, FUNERAL FLOWERS, CASKET PIECES AND THOUGHTFUL TRIBUTES TO ALL FUNERAL HOMES with same day delivery throughout the Grand Rapids, MI Metro area and including all funeral homes in Holland, Rockford and Zeeland, Michigan. Find information below for common questions about funeral and sympathy expressions with flowers and plants that are typical for the customs here in the Metro Grand Rapids area. Sunnyslope also delivers same day funeral flowers and plants anywhere in the U.S. and to all countries worldwide, with our own Unconditional Guarantee of Satisfaction.

When the time arises, Flowers say everything. Send flowers to help recall fond memories and convey our heartfelt wishes. The professional staff at Sunnyslope Floral will assist you in selecting the perfect floral arrangements to express your love and sympathy. Nothing else conveys our love and thoughts as does the beauty of flowers and plants.

To assist in the selection of your fresh flower tributes, you may find the following informative descriptions to be helpful.


An immediate family member usually makes this selection. The spouse normally selects this item, however, if there is no surviving spouse, the children commonly send it. If the deceased has no children or the children are also deceased then either the parents or another very close relative would make this selection. Generally no card message is enclosed with a casket piece. Sentiments addressing the deceased are frequently expressed on a ribbon with script. A script ribbon shows the relationship of the deceased to the sender. For example, if a person were sending an arrangement to his or her deceased mother with a script ribbon, it would read "Beloved Mother" or something similar. view selections.

Normally there are two flower sprays considered "side pieces". Usually these two floral sprays coordinate with the casket spray either in complementary colors or in flower selection. Traditionally, these are sprays. However, other styles of design are becoming more common. The children of the deceased commonly make this selection which are placed immediately to the left and right of the casket. Traditionally, these are sprays of fresh flowers. If, however, the children of the deceased have purchased the casket piece, then the grandchildren may decide to purchase the casket side pieces. In any case, these two floral items come from the immediate family. Either cards or script ribbons may be used on these pieces to convey sentiments and relationships.

Any family member can select specialty tributes. Specialty tribute pieces, such as floral hearts and crosses, are typically placed to the right or left of the casket. These tributes can have card messages or script ribbons to express your sentiments.

It is traditional for the grandchildren of the deceased to usually provide a small casket tribute for placement inside the casket. These are typically small pillows with fresh flowers on them. Some typical pillow shapes are heart, cross and rectangular. If the grandchildren are older they may prefer a different and larger style of arrangement thereby allowing any great-grandchildren to send an inside casket tribute. While this type design is quite small, a card or script ribbon may be included to convey a heartfelt message.

There are many beautiful styles of fresh flower sympathy floral arrangements for an extended family member to send. Whether traditional or contemporary in style, the flowers can be designed to recall a special memory, a cherished pastime, a favorite color or flower, etc. These bouquets would be placed near the other family flower arrangements. They can also have either card messages or script ribbons, depending on personal preference.

In some cases, it may be important to consider the approximate dimensions of the arrangement you choose to send. While all of the fresh flower arrangements will always be lovely and professionally designed, they are not all the same size. If the size of the piece you are sending to the funeral home is important to you, please consider this when making your selection. We are always able to answer any questions and provide suggestions for your final selections. Personal assistance and consultation is always available by phone and in store.


Are flowers or other gifts appropriate for a cremation?

Tributes are always appropriate in the case of cremation but what is done depends on whether a funeral service is planned. If there is a visitation and/or service, any type of item may be sent. If there will be a memorial service at the bereaved's home, or if there will be no services at all, it is more appropriate to send an item that is appropriate to be used for a home setting.

Is it appropriate to send brightly colored flowers for a funeral?
Absolutely. Brightly colored flowers can symbolize the energetic personality of the deceased. They may also be selected to show how one feels about that person - that, in life, they gladdened our hearts and made us feel happy to have known them. Flowers can reflect the "celebration of life".

Can I send something personalized with the hobby or profession of the deceased?
Absolutely! We are well known for... And if you would like to bring in something you would like incorporated, we can certainly incorporate it. We have used fishing poles, golf clubs, garden gloves with a spade, even a bowling ball in a casketpiece! There is no limit "only your imagination".

Is it appropriate to send all white or pastel color flowers for a friend?
Certainly. All white or softly colored flowers send a message of caring an concern, while at the same time, conveying the sense of the profound loss. These types of colors are always serene and softly comforting.

Would it be all right to send flowers if the death notice requests a charitable donation, "in lieu of flowers"?
Yes. Flowers at the funeral service not only add warmth and life to a somber event, they are a tangible tribute. They let the bereaved know, visibly, how much their loved one touched the lives of others. Just as we would never choose not to send sympathy cards, offer assistance, or donate food when asked to make a financial contribution, flowers are always appropriate and appreciated. Think how barren and stark a funeral would be without flowers.

May I send a live plant to a funeral home? If so, will it be given to the family afterwards?
Yes, it is always appropriate to send a green plant, a flowering plant, planter or terrarium. At Sunnyslope, we always indicate your preference as to who the item should be saved for. Funeral home directors will check that information at the end of the service and distribute the item as requested.

What other items are appropriate to send to a funeral home or memorial service?
In addition to some of the more traditional items like easel sprays, planters, foliage plants, vase and basket arrangements, there are lots of other appropriate items that you can send such as terrariums, fruitbaskets, afghan throws, bird baths with flowers, etc. We also carry garden statuary & plaques on easels, crosses & angels that can be sent, either incorporated into a floral design or a planted tribute - or even just sent itself as the gift. These items are much appreciated as a keepsake gift.

Can I send flowers in a glass vase to a funeral home?
From an etiquette standpoint, this is absolutely acceptable and is very common.

I want something for the family to have as a keepsake. What is appropriate?
We carry a large variety of angels, crosses, garden statuary, garden stepping stones, plaques, canvas prints, afghan throws etc. that are all very appropriate to incorporate into a sympathy tribute. We also have easels on which to effectively display the plaques, stepping stones, canvas prints, afghan throws.etc. We have a large variety of keepsake vases and beautiful containers that can be used for floral or planted tribute a keepsake item. See selections: Keepsakes for Sympathy and Memorial Keepsake Gifts Depending on the time of the year, we may have outdoor plants, trees and bushes that can be later planted in the garden.

Are there special considerations when sending flowers as a group? How should we sign our names?
Sending flowers as a group is appropriate in many situations. When mourners pool their financial resources for one order, it can be that much more special, and will have a much greater impact. Gift cards are available that are large enough to hold a number of names. However, if the list of names is extremely long, you may choose to identify yourselves by family, group or department name. In any case, please supply one contact name and address so that the family can send their thanks.

Can you send flowers or plants to a funeral home in another state?
Yes, absolutely. We will use a Preferred Affiliate Professional in the area in which the delivery is being made. We guarantee your order 100% as if we were making the delivery ourselves.

I've missed the funeral! Is it okay to send flowers or another type gift to the family's home? If so, for how long afterward?
Absolutely. Flowers, plants and gifts are always appreciated, no matter when they are received. Even if you will also be attending the funeral, sending flowers to the bereaved's home after the service is a wonderful gesture. Some people also specifically choose to send flowers a week or so after the funeral to remind the bereaved that they are still being thought of and that their loss has not been forgotten.

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ONLINE ORDERING OF FUNERAL FLOWERS AND SYMPATHY FLOWERS AND PLANTS IS EASY FOR SAME DAY DELIVERY TO GRAND RAPIDS FUNERAL HOMES and all funeral homes in Rockford, Holland and Zeeland. Send flowers and plants to local funeral homes: Alt & Shawmut Hills, Archer Hampel-Dorr, Arsulowicz - all locations, Barto & Son, Cook - all locations, Dykstra-Holland locations, Gillespie, Lakeshore, Matthysse-Kuiper-DeGraaf, Memorial Alternatives, Metcalf & Jonkhoff, Notier-VerLee at all locations, O'Brien Gerst, O'Field, Pederson-Rockford, Reyers North Valley, Ronan VanderPool Stegenga, Stegenga-Belmont, Stroo, Throop-Coopersville, VanderLaan-Hudsonville, VanStrien, Van'tHof and Zaagman funeral homes.

Send flowers same day to all funeral homes throughout the U.S. and Canada through our Exclusive Preferred Florist Affiliates and with our own Guarantee of Satisfaction as if we had made the floral delivery ourselves.

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